SAM for Insurance Pros

Reduce Claims by Saving Your Clients $$$ with SAM

Monitored smoke detectors provide faster response time for emergency services which means fewer and lower costing claims. Partner with SAM to reduce claims, generate additional revenue and receive referrals at the same time.

How It Works

Our family of smoke detectors not only talk to each other, they are connected to our 24/7 live monitoring center. The beauty is in the simplicity. We built cellular technology right into a smart smoke detector. So now, you can forget about alarm panels, WiFi, telephone lines, internet, and electric.

Powered by 10 year Lithium-Ion batteries, our Lifetime Replacement warranty and affordable monitoring make SAM the ideal solution.


2018 is the year that the SAM Smart Detector will become the SAM Smart Home System. Our engineers have been working tirelessly to develop additional life safety devices that will pair with our smart detector. The first round of available add-ons will include carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, glass break detectors and a panic button with fall detection for the senior market. As with the original, all add-ons will be powered by 10 year batteries and interconnected with the main smoke detector.

No Power – No Installaion (DIY) – No WiFi = No Problem for SAM

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Simple. Smart. Safe.

We know you will love SAM, which is why we have no credit checks or contracts. Add additional smoke detectors for increased coverage and add as many emergency contacts as needed. We remotely check that your unit is working every week and will let you know when it is time to replace the batteries. You can even take SAM detectors with you if you move.

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