Livestock and Barn Owners

Do You Own a Barn, Stable, or Livestock?

Are Your Animals Protected?

SAM is the Best Option to Ensure Your Animals and Property Are Safe

Our units are live monitored 24/7 and will contact you and the fire department immediately when an alarm is sounded. This means you can respond faster and prevent damage before it’s too late. Finally, smart smoke detectors designed to give you peace of mind.


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A Smoke Detector that Alerts You When It Goes Off

…So Your Animals Don’t Have To!

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Works Right Out of the Box

  • No WiFi — our units use pre-installed cell technology
  • No Electric — batteries are included that rarely need replacing
  • No Installation — easily install it yourself with peel-and-stick tape

No Hassle

  • No Contracts — month-to-month subscription
  • No Credit Checks — signing up is easy!
  • Easy Cancellation — cancel your subscription at any time

Added Bonuses

  • Get up to 15% off of your insurance bill
  • Receive SMS/email notifications for low battery, alarms, testing, etc.

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