In the Event of a Fire...

Can your pet call 911?

Up to 500,000 pets are injured in house fires each year

  • Pets are stuck in the home

  • They can't dial 911 for help

  • 24/7/365 central station protection

  • You can stop our service at any time

  • Save up to 15% on home owners insurance

Protected by Emergency Operators

We call 911 So Your Pet Doesn't Have To!

Now, you can have peace of mind that your pets are protected 24/7.  Home fires occur everyday. So when you leave your pet at home alone, make sure you are still protecting them from smoke and fire.

The Smarter Choice,
At a More Affordable Cost

When smoke is detected, SAM detectors alert 24/7 live operators who notify the fire department about the danger your pet may be in. You also receive phone, email, and SMS notifications.

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" MAYA will revolutionize home fire safety" See what the Original Shark from SharkTank, Kevin Harrington, has to say about the MAYA Smart Smoke Detector


In the event of a fire, response time determines if you have a little smoke damage or a complete loss. See how the SAM Smart Detector saved this family's home and pets.


Works Out of the Box
no internet or hardwiring needed

  • No wires to connect
  • No programming your internet or WiFi
  • No electric or phone line to plug in
  • Peel & Stick installation
  • Instant notifications by phone, text & email
  • Peace of mind knowing your pets are protected
  • Insurance discount reduces monitoring cost

Pet & Home Protection that's reliable & affordable

The SAM Smart Detector is only $75.00 with 24/7 professional monitoring for as little as $14.95/month. That's less than less than .50 cents a day to protect your property and loved ones.