In the Event of a Fire...

Can your pet call 911?

Up to 500,000 Pets are Directly Affected by House Fires Each Year

  • We provide 24/7/365 central station.
  • You pay a low monthly monitoring fee.
  • You can stop our service at any time.
  • We will send you a home owners insurance
    discount certificate — Save up to 15%!

SAM Alerts Emergency Operators

So Your Pet Doesn't Have To!

Now, you can have peace of mind that your pets are protected 24/7.  Home fires occur everyday. So when you leave your pet at home alone, make sure you are still protecting your pet from smoke and fire.


The Smarter Choice,
At a More Affordable Cost

When smoke is detected, SAM detectors alert 24/7 live operators who notify the fire department about the danger your pet may be in. You also receive phone, email, and SMS notifications.

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If you think your smoke detectors are working because they go off when you're cooking, think again. Watch this life saving video to learn the difference between Ionization and Photoelectric technology.


Works Out of the Box
no internet or hardwiring needed

  • No wires to connect
  • No programming your internet or WiFi
  • No electric or phone line to plug in

Pet & Home Protection that's reliable & affordable

The SAM Smart Detector is only $75.00 with 24/7 professional monitoring for as little as $14.95/month. That's less than less than .50 cents a day to protect your property and loved ones.