Smoke Alarm Monitoring Helps “Paws of War” Serve Veterans

Garden City, NYSmoke Alarm Monitoring Helps “Paws of War” Serve Veterans

Paws of War is a nonprofit co-founded by animal rescuer Robert Misseri. The organization combines support for our veterans with animal rescue services by training rescued dogs to assist veterans with PTSD and other disabilities and provide them with unconditional love.

As an animal advocate, Misseri understands firsthand the importance of a safe home environment. In 2015, while he was away from home helping other people’s animals, his house burned down and one of his cats was killed. Clearly, he understands the devastation that smoke and fire can cause.

As a pet owner, when considering home security and fire detection, consider that in the United States, only 75% of smoke detectors are working and nearly 500,000 pets are affected annually by fires. Often, pets are killed from smoke inhalation before the fire reaches them. Working detectors should not be an afterthought, but rather as a preventative measure to help save lives.

Misseri says, “We are grateful to Smoke Alarm Monitoring for providing our disabled veterans with these smoke detectors. The peace of mind for them is knowing that their homes will be monitored 24/7. It will be of great comfort to them, especially when they have to leave their service dog home.”

Smoke Alarm Monitoring is donating five patented, battery- operated, cellular, photoelectric smoke detectors to five veterans in the Long Island area, including veteran Russell Keyzer. These devices detect smoldering smoke more rapidly than the ionization detectors in most homes. Every second counts – especially for unattended pets. Each veteran will also receive one year of live, 24 /7 monitoring to alert them via phone in the event of smoke or fire. The company is expanding its line of products and is pet friendly. It offers additional information and pet fire safety tips on its blog. Chief Operating Officer Zsolt Sapy states, “We are excited to have the opportunity to help Paws of War. As a fundraising sponsor we look forward to a long-term relationship with them. It’s all about saving lives.”

Smoke Alarm Monitoring is helping Paws of War by offering the public one smoke detector at half off the $75.00 cost ($37.50) with the purchase of a no contract monitoring plan. Paws of War will receive the $37.50 as a donation. Please enter PAWS as the promo code. The monitoring fee is often partially or completely covered by homeowner’s insurance discounts.


About Smoke Alarm Monitoring

Smoke Alarm Monitoring owns the patent and manufactures the only photoelectric smoke detector that is battery powered and remotely monitored using cellular technology. SAM’s goal is to alert the public to smoke and fire risks and help save the lives of family and pets as well as property. A new product line with complete Smart Home solutions will be available in the beginning of 2019.